BELMONT 4-H YOUTH OFFICERS – Term: 7/1/17 – 6/30/18


                    Executive Board

President- Andres Raddavero

VP of Programs- Issac Braunstein

VP of Membership –  Kevin Wang

Webmaster – Mallika Agrawal and Noah Braunstein

Recording secretary- Enika Patel

Correspondence secretary- Chianti Raddavero

Treasurer- Ettan Patel

Vice Treasurer – Avirral Agarwal



AV Director Andres Raddavero

Editor – Zach Khouri

Historian- Gina Ladcani

Supplies officer- Aubrey Button

Healthy Livings Officers – Aubrey Button

Safety Officer – Jacob Reed

Sargent at arms – Noel Kang and Andrew Kang

Games officer – Mako Oshiro and Katherine Yu



Community Leaders:

To contact the club leaders (Ritu Bansal, Patricia Braunstein, Star Raddavero)



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