International Foods

Leader Eileen Monge
Teen Leader Jackson Monge
Description Travel around the world and expand your palette with new culinary
experiences as we explore various international cuisines: Thai, Greek, Polish,
Italian, Mexican, French, Chinese . . . the sky is the limit! You will participate
in selecting the menu based upon seasonal product availability, learn
appropriate prep and knife skills, challenge yourself with some interesting
cooking techniques and food chemistry, and learn how to take an original
recipe and turn it into a healthier version by reducing fat, sugar and overall
calories. Then we will enjoy what we made for dinner! All participants will be
expected to participate in Favorite Foods Day as part of this project. Cost per
person is TBD based upon menus selected by participants.
Age Limit 11 years old+ (limit of six participants)
Meeting Time 1 st Sunday of the Month starting in November (tentative)
Project Jam Making Summer 2016!
Leader Leader Scott Brylow
Jr./ Teen leader Karl Brylow
Description Come and make jam! We will be making jam and/or jellies with various fresh
fruits and learning how to preserve fruits. We’ll make jam in 5 sessions, using
seasonal fruits. We try to make 2 varieties per session. 4-Hers in this project
learn how to make 5 different jams, 1 per session, but 2 batches per session, so
we’ll be working hard! People should bring $20 for the whole project. Each
person should expect to make 2 jars of jam per meeting they attend.
Meet at 2509 Cipriani Blvd.
Age Limit Minimum age 9-10 with a limit of 8 youth

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