Leader Dan Hogan <djlhogan@comcast.net>
Jr./ Teen leader (No Junior or Teen Leader)
Description If you are interested in learning to stitch with a needle and thread, this is the
project for you! This project is a place to explore any kind of hand sewing or
needle craft that you are interested in trying. Once you are confident with a
needle and thread, you can fix or make just about anything! For this project,
just bring enthusiasm and patience!
Age Limit Any age, patience required and adults can participate too.
Meeting Time 3 nd Friday of the Month, from 7-9pm.
Project Improv
Leader Scott Brylow <scott@alumni.caltech.edu>
Teen Leader Karl Brylow <karlbrylow@gmail.com>
Description We will be learning what improv is, what makes it unique, and we will be doing
a lot of improv. We will do this by studying various improv routines and what
makes them funny. The goal of the project is to make 4-Hers better at public
speaking and to get members thinking quickly on their feet.
Age Limit 7th grade and up
Meeting Time TBD

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