Crystal Springs Farm

Crystal Springs Farm has been in continual use by 4-H youth in the community since 1968. This 55-year-old private farm, which 4-H leases from the Water Shed Land Management/San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, is just off of highway 280. Originally called Burlingame-San Mateo Farm, the name changed in the 1990’s when the farm began to be used by the Belmont 4-H Club as well as the Burlingame-San Mateo Club. The largest 4-H farm in the San Mateo/SF 4-H network, 4-H’ers can apply to raise several types of livestock species for competition at the annual San Mateo County Fair. The types of animals 4-H members can raise our steers, goats, lambs, hogs, free-range turkeys, and chickens. This farm is a great resource to our 4-H youth and part of the invaluable experiential learning opportunities that 4-H provides.



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